1. I’m happy with the results I’ve been seeing in my body.

    I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m happy with the results I’ve been seeing in my body. I’ve been going to the gym for a while, however, I didn’t see much difference until I joined #FFYP 3 months ago!…Read More

    Christine Caguimbal, 21
  2. I’m genuinely proud of the progress I’ve made thus far – down 26lbs and counting!

    "Never would I have thought I'd make it this far into my "fitness journey." I've never been comfortable taking my shirt off in public. It's been about 6 months since I've been working with Nicko & FFYP, and I'm genuinely proud of the progress I've made thus far - down 26 lbs and counting! I know I've still got a lot of work to do - but this is only the beginning. It's been tough. For the past …Read More

    Randell Rivera, 23
  3. Nicko is always quick to answer.

    FFYP is a really great program that allows me to have the ability to workout despite having a busy work schedule. I've always wanted to get a trainer, but because of my work hours, I could never find the time to meet up with a trainer. However, with the flexibility the FFYP program offers, it allows me to fit in the workouts time that is more convenient for me. You also never feel like your doing …Read More

    Mary Tolentino, 22
  4. I’ve lost 20lbs so far while stilling retaining a nice strong physique.

    The fitness journey with Nicko over the course of three months has been amazing. I was skeptical at first due to having issues with prior PT’s but working with Nicko and the check-ins and messages whenever are really helpful and thorough. I’ve lost 20lbs so far while still retaining a nice strong physique. I’m going to continue working with Nicko and see what’s in store for the next part o…Read More

    Quang "Kong" Ly, 22, Early Childhood Educator
  5. Any Guy Would Be Lucky to Train with Nicko

    Any guy would be lucky to train with Nicko. He's a coach that knows how to balance beer and wings with getting lean and shredded.…Read More

    Reza Alavi, 24 | National Level Men's Physique Athlete
  6. Nicko has been a great mentor to me

    "Nicko has been a great mentor to me. He will always pinpoint the things you need to work on and suggestions that will put you to your top shape. It's great to know that he will always encourage you and walk you through to the end with the same heart and drive as you."…Read More

    Ryan Fabros, 22 | Office Associate at Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions
  7. I Haven’t Seen A ME Like This In 8 Years!

    “I told Nicko, AKA the best trainer ever, that my goal was to lose weight and get some definitive lines going on in my muscles. Clearly he listened and this is my progress! I haven't seen a me like this in 8 years!" ​ Eleanore started at 175lbs and has lost over 30lbs!…Read More

    Eleanore Scott | Registered Massage Therapist at Continuum Wellness
  8. I Completely Trust Him

    “Nicko is amazing. Since working together I've been eating more and losing weight. I've lost 30lbs and gotten under 10% body fat! I completely trust him and I know I'm in good hands.”…Read More

    Ray Garcia, 29 | Architectural Technologist at DIALOG
  9. You Will Definitely See Results

    "Nicko designed a custom workout plan tailored to my body and goals. What I liked the most about working out with Nicko was that he knew exactly how much weight I was capable of lifting. He would continually add weight and was confident I could do it. I was able to lift far more than I ever thought was possible. Nicko is very professional, personable, and will push you to get to your goal. If you'…Read More

    Allison Noel, 26 | Paramedic
  10. I’m So Grateful To Have Nicko As My Trainer

    Within 6 months of training with Nicko, I was down 30 lbs. He got me deadlifting 200 pounds. I was shocked! I had been intimidated to lift weights before and was so frustrated at lack of progress. I'm so grateful to have Nicko as my trainer.…Read More

    Myriam Inpanayagam | Sales Manager at Ambika Jewelers