I grew up shy. I was that kid who was afraid to raise his hand in class because I didn’t want people looking at me. In high school, I was the guy who was too afraid to talk to the girls.

I found the answer.

The key to building confidence and self-esteem is setting goals that seem beyond your capabilities and working towards them consistently and staying committed until you achieve them.

Guess what? I just described lifting weights.

When you start working out you’ll feel weak. You’ll look around and notice you’re one of, if not THE weakest person in the gym. Don’t worry, everyone was once that guy. Then you set a goal that seems impossible as you start working towards it. One rep at a time. One set at a time. One day at a time. Taking little steps every day and all of a sudden, you’re warming up with weights that seemed impossible just a few months ago!

That’ll give you a huge confidence boost, along with all the testosterone flowing through your body now that you’re lifting some heavy-ass weight. You prove to yourself that if you set yourself goals and work towards them, you can achieve anything. If you can do it in the gym, what’s stopping you from being able to achieve the goals you set for yourself anywhere else?

If you believed in yourself, what would you change in your life? Would you get that job you’ve been dreaming of? Would you be able to get the girl of your dreams as easily as everyone else makes it out to be? If you knew that all you had to do to achieve “impossible” goals was to apply yourself and stay committed until you reached it, how would your life change?

All you need to do is lift some weights.

But Nicko, I’ve never lifted before.

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