1. The Hangover Meal Plan

    Ever have the best night of your life and wake up to the worst morning of your life? Waking up to a headache, stomach ache and a whole lot of guilt? Not much you can do about getting rid of that feeling of guilt, but you can stop yourself from feeling any guiltier. Here’s what you can eat for brea…Read More

  2. Ectomorph Challenge: How to Build Muscle Eating Pizza

    I know how you feel. You’ve always struggled to gain weight. You’ve always been skinny but hold fat around your stomach. No matter how much you work out, I just can’t seem to grow. Same with me, but then one day I had the most grueling, balls-to-the wall leg day I’ve ever had and everything …Read More

  3. How to Build Confidence by Building Muscle

    I grew up shy. I was that kid who was afraid to raise his hand in class because I didn’t want people looking at me. In high school, I was the guy who was too afraid to talk to the girls. I found the answer. The key to building confidence and self-esteem is setting goals that seem beyond your capab…Read More